Owning a Welsh Springer Spaniel


The Welsh Springer Spaniel is distinguished from other spaniels by its medium size, unique head, vine shaped ears, and a rich red and white, lightly feathered coat. They are active, inquisitive, loyal, playful and affectionate with all members of their family, an amiable dog who will work or play with other dogs and accept other household pets. Their ever wagging tail expresses their joy for life. As they can be reserved with strangers, socialisation from a young age is recommended.

Bred to flush game in thick cover Welsh Springers are a sturdy dog with a keen nose giving them excellent tracking abilities. They give voice when they hunt and also when greeting your return, which ranges from a yodel to a bark. They have a love of water and being wet; the ocean, river, dam or muddy puddle, even the water bowl, this however doesn’t always extend to their bath; generally able swimmers and excellent retrievers.



Although they enjoy home comforts they have a love of the outdoors and require regular daily exercise, preferably twice daily, and appreciate a run off leash in a safe area. They are happy chasing a Frisbee, ball or stick as well as snuffling and exploring in parks, around rivers and lakes. Without exercise to utilise their natural instincts, dogs become bored and create their own, often destructive means of keeping busy.



Being an intelligent breed, they are quick to learn and great problem solvers. Sometimes known to have selective hearing, especially if there is something far more interesting to take their attention. This needs to be kept in mind when training. Having a soft nature, they respond best to praise and reward, so clicker training and food reward will certainly speed up your efforts. Positive training that is stimulating and enjoyable will help produce an obedient and managable dog on or off lead, starting at puppy stage with what you want as an adult. A naturally clean dog, they respond quickly to routine and house training, (allowing for the occasional accident for the excited puppy). 




Welsh Springer Spaniels have a soft, silky coat which sits flat to the body and is only lighty feathered, making it easier than most coated breeds to maintain. A regular brush and comb through of the feathering is required, and if they get wet and dirty, the dirt simply drops out as they dry. Bath or dry shampoo as necessary, and then use a coat conditioner, as this prevents problems with knots. For the family pet scissoring the hair of the feet level with the pads, trim hair between the toes and regularly clip the nails.  Trim the feathering on the ears level with the shape of the ear, as they will reach the food bowl if left.